Moon, Flower and Hawk Moth

Artist Details

Name: Alice Ravenel Huger Smith
Birth: 1876 Death: 1958
Nationality: American

Artwork Details

Date of Work: 1918
Medium: woodblock on paper
Dimensions: 9 1/4 x 11 1/2 inches
Credit: Gift of Mrs. W. E. Simms

During the early-twentieth century, Japanese prints greatly influenced the stylistic development of a number of Charleston artists, including lifelong resident Alice Smith. Smith used the traditional Japanese method to create a selection of boldly-designed woodblock prints. Printed in 1918, Moon, Flower and Hawk Moth is a prime example of Smith’s masterful assimilation of Japanese art concepts. The print incorporates the flattened perspective, bold colors and dynamic compositions of the ukiyo-e masters. Above all, Moon, Flower and Hawk Moth reflects Smith’s deep reverence for nature, a characteristic also shared with the Japanese artists.

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