Artist Details

Name: Louisa C. Strobel (Mrs. Benjamin Martin )
Birth: 1803 Death: 1883
Nationality: American

Artwork Details

Date of Work: ca. 1830
Medium: watercolor on ivory
Dimensions: 3 1/8 x 2 3/8 inches
Credit: Bequest of Daniel Strobel Martin

Born in Liverpool, Strobel came to the United States first in 1812 but returned to France where she lived in Bordeaux 1815-1830. Where Strobel obtained skill at painting miniatures is not known, but she may have trained with a French artist. Like many French artists who came to this country she preferred a solid, often steely-gray background. In her incredible attention to details, especially costume, she resembles French artists. In her self-portrait Louisa Strobel continues her minute attention to detail, while simultaneously introducing a cloudy sky. The flowing veil, probably of Bordeaux lace, contrasts the rigid formality of her hairdo and dress.

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